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Tuesday, 02 August 2011

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(Anon) I love u so much ! (08/01/11)

(Anon) Hey Bri Bri, I miss you, and I love you so much just so much!!!! (09/22/11)

<33338 crazyy how long its been i love reading posts from people who never even knew you but just being near you made them a better person. i love you and miss you and this year has been better so far. make sure to get the iphone 5 ;) (10/06/11)

<33338 crazyy how long its been i love reading posts from people who never even knew you but just being near you made them a better person. i love you and miss you and this year has been better so far. make sure to get the iphone 5 ;) (10/06/11)


(Anon) I'm so sorry to hear about Victor, He was my favorite, all I can say is at least he and Brielle are together again. My thoughts are with you and your family. Vic was the greatest! (10/13/11)

(Anon) Poor Vics heart was broken, just like the rest of us. Its still a nightmare (10/22/11)

(Anon) I LOVE you baby girl, always, no matter where I am, I am always thinking of you. Not a day goes by that I don't. Love you sooooo much! (10/26/11)

Friend Miss you everyday Bri. <3 (11/02/11)

(Anon) I dont write as often as I should but it does not mean that a single day goes by without me thinking of you. I was home yesterday and ran by the football field. I stopped on your benches and rested there. I love you and will never ever stop being shocked that you are not with us. There is something so wrong with this. You are here with me forever and ever. xoxoxo (11/07/11)

(Anon) LOVE U and miss u right now (11/10/11)

(Anon) MISS U (08/05/11)

dumpling I love you forever Bri. Miss you so much! xxx BK (11/14/11)

(Anon) I Love and Miss you so much, you have no idea, we're approaching 3 years and 9 months, that sounds crazy. You can't be gone, and you can't be gone for that long. Your still here, I still see you and hear you & feel you in my heart, obviousilly I just wish it was in person as well. I LOVE you and I will forever!!! (11/22/11)

Mariea I was so sad to come across this website. I coached Brielle at Starlight about 8 years ago. We won a championship in basketball that summer. She was such a gifted athlete and had a wonderful spirit. My thoughts and prayer go out to her family. RIP (11/27/11)

Mariea I was so sad to come across this website. I coached Brielle at Starlight about 8 years ago. We won a championship in basketball that summer. She was such a gifted athlete and had a wonderful spirit. My thoughts and prayer go out to her family. RIP (11/27/11)

(Anon) just letting you know how much I love you (11/27/11)

(Anon) thanks for always being there for me… <3 (11/30/11)

JABB Holiday's are coming and its quiet and sad not doing things that we used to do. Always thinking about you and not a day goes by. Some days are ok and others are hard. In the end we do what we gatta do to get by. The family is ok and doing fine. I love you.. (12/02/11)

(Anon) Happy December baby (12/05/11)

(Anon) I Love you Baby Girl, Now & Forever! (12/18/11)


(Anon) I miss you so much, I wish you were here. as you should be. Love you forever (08/09/11)

(Anon) I MISS YOU A LOT ! (12/27/11)

Aunt Candi I Love You! (12/31/11)

(Anon) I know I write less often than before but I want everyone to know that you walk with me every minute of every day. Xoxo. I am a better person for that reason. N (01/23/12)

oas i miss you so much, brielle. i looked up to you insanely, and i'm not sure if you'll ever remember me, the little nine year old girl who admired every single action you made during her first summer at camp starlight. i realized it has been six years since i saw you last, on the dreary day of august when we left camp. i think about you every day and i pray every day that youre great up there! you may have never known me but you made me the person i am today. thankyou:) (01/26/12)

(Anon) just letting your family know that I am sitting here thinking about you and talking with you. (01/29/12)

anonymous I don't know if you knew me, but I went to Camp Starlight and definitely knew you. This weekend was the reunion for the summer of 2011, and I was talking to a girl younger than me who I've become really close with in the past few years who's going into her Upper Senior summer. When she asked me for advice, I told her to live every moment, and most importantly be herself. Then she told me that she didn't care about captain or Alma Mater leader or any of those things- she told me that all she wanted was to be just like a girl who had been an Upper Senior when she was a Junior, and who she looked up to and admired. She said that the girl had made such a big difference in her life without even knowing it, and that she wanted to be that girl for someone else during her own Upper Senior summer. When I asked who this girl was, her response was "Brielle Namer," and I thought that was something that needed to be shared. You were clearly amazing and an inspiration to everyone, and you should know that you've made a difference in the life of this girl and tons of other Starlight girls like me who looked up to you even though you may not have known it. (01/30/12)

(Anon) I still cry so much and miss you so much. So many things happen yet this event from a few years ago still shakes me up (02/03/12)

ANON I truly cannot believe that it will be 4 years next month. Some days it feels like yesterday, and some days it feels like a million years have gone by. No matter how long - just know that every minute of every day we are together. I love and miss you so much. Always and Forever. You are the best of the best, and the best to have ever entered my life. (02/07/12)

(Anon) I hate March with a passion, I should love it because it's your birthday but I hate it, and wish it would go straight to April. I just can't, won't, refuse to accept that your not here. I can't understand a world that 1 day your here and now your not? I don't know what this is now, this is not life, I don't know what the blank it is. I just want you back, but that's stupid to say because every single person feels the same. So many people LOVE you and it's really easy to understand why. I just sit and read the messages and shake my head because the funny thing is you never knew the impact you had/have on people, you touched so many with your kindness, your bravery, your humor. You touched so many just by being you and you never realized how special and wonderful you are, you never knew. There will never be any words that exist that can ever express how much I love and miss you, I would give anything to have u back, anything. Happy Valentines Day and give Victor a big Birthday Kiss for me. I LOVE YOU! (02/13/12)


Amber not a day goes by that i don't think of you....i didn't know you but you made a huge impact on my life...miss you ... <3 21 <3 (02/16/12)

Mike Beautiful Bella! I'm so deeply sorry for your loss... Angel here, Angel now, Angel always! How did this sweet young Angel pass!? Deepest sympathy! xo (02/28/12)

B Thanks for that sign today Bri. I really needed it. One of my old classmates joined you this weekend. Show him the ropes up in heaven and keep an eye on him. miss you more than you could ever imagine (02/28/12)

(Anon) ugh tomorrow is March. (02/29/12)

anon<33338 tomorrow is march and i cant help but smile because i know you and victor are gonna party for you 21st. but then i frown because of that day right before your birthday. love u bri bri forever and always. Tomorrow is also justin biebers birthday. You never got a chance to witness him or his music, you would have liked him. You liked everything and everyone xxooxoxox ill write more later (02/29/12)

MOM Monday will be a sad day, and Thursday will be also. I just wanted to say I truly value and respect everyone who writes on Brielle;s site as it lets me know even more that she is still loved and not forgotten by her friends. I wish you all the best. Be the best for Brielle, as she would tell you that. I also believe she is with Vic and they are having a good time together. We all know as much as she loved us -he was her favorite. (03/01/12)

(Anon) Mrs. Namer, Theres no chance of forgetting Bri, that's impossible, and love her, also impossible not to do, it's just like breathing, something you do naturally. I'm happy that Bri and Vic are at least together but please know my thoughts and everyone that ever knew Bri feel for u and your family very much, every day but just more so in this month. Theres nothing that we can do or say to make it better, we know that, but just know we are here and you are not a lone. (03/01/12)

Gi There will always be this hole in my heart that no one else can replace. I've never met someone that inspired me as much as you did, and I'm confident that no one I meet in the future will even come close. You were too good for this world. I always used to think to myself, "she's beautiful, she's funny, she's smart, she's amazing at every sport, she's kind and wants to be everyone's friend... she's SO lucky." But no, Bri, we are the lucky ones to have known you, to have our memories with you, and to have had you touch our lives in the short time you were with us. I miss you so much and every time I'm having a hard day and it seems like too much to handle, I think of you and I remember one word: perseverance. I love you. I'll be seeing you <3 Gianna (03/04/12)

(Anon) you are all in my heart today. Its amazing how many people remember Bri and what an impact she had. Namer family, please knw that Bri is still making a huge difference in our lives. (03/05/12)

anon Four years ago today, as i heard the news of Brielle's passing in the hallways of LHS, my heart dropped. Was it for real? Surely such a perfect girl could not have left us this early. As i go through previous memories of encounters w/ Brielle, i realize she didn't have to talk to me, she didn't have to smile and listen, she didn't have to be nice to me. I was not one of her close friends but that didn't matter to her. She was a genuinely nice person. I regret not reaching out to her more when she was sick because I know she would have if i was in her position. There aren't enough words to describe her and how much of an impact she had on EVERYONE. Four years is a long time... It feels like yesterday. RIP Brielle, you will never be forgotten (03/05/12)

(Anon) To the person who wrote the above message, I would just like to say that I agree with you 100%. I mean to say that you can forget about Brielle is simply nuts, but it's like you said when people write something, either a story from the past or just to say hi or miss you or love you, it does help to see that people care. Lets be honest BRIELLE will never ever be forgotten! (08/10/11)

(Anon) Not a day goes by that I dont think of Bri and all of you. She was/is a real force of nature. (03/05/12)

(Anon) Not a day goes by that I dont think of Bri and all of you. She was/is a real force of nature. (03/05/12)

anonymous Hi Bri, I don't even really know what to say. I've been friendly with you since middle school, mostly because we played basketball and softball together all through middle and high school. We weren't very close friends but we were friendly enough that I know if I needed your advice or someone to listen you were there. It's so rare in life to even come into contact with someone as amazing as you, honestly. The way you touched people's lives, even if they met you once or, from these posts, people who have simply seen you around at camp-you have had such a profound effect on people, that is not something that will ever be forgotten or replaced. Today, when I woke up, I saw that it was the sunniest it has been a while with not a cloud in the sky. I knew that was because today, you were the sunshine; you were the reason today was so beautiful. You are all looking down on us everyday and we continue to be inspired by you and the person you were. I remember one of the first things I thought after hearing of your passing, was that God needed an angel. I remember everyone crying in school, and the basketball team went to the guidance office and we simply all just sat there together and cried, mourning you. I know you would say, "Cheer up guys, don't worry about me." But not a day passes that there is not a sign of you somewhere. Ironically, 21 is my lucky number, and I truly feel that in ways that cannot be explained, I have been spiritually connected to you, as if you are an angel always looking down on me. I feel truly blessed to have known you, and I want you to know that your legacy lives on in every life you have touched. We miss you. <3 21 always and forever (03/05/12)

ls hi brielle! I think about you every day and I want you to remember that everyone really loves you, misses you, and smiles at the memories you left behind. You are my role model, and i cannot believe i am going to be an upper senior this summer, just like you. If I can inspire just one little girl like you did for me, it will be my biggest dream come true. Everything I do today is because I looked up to you, and your actions and words and smiles influence every choice I make. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace, I love you so much and your impact on my daily life will continue forever. (03/05/12)

Aunt Candi I LOVE & MISS you so much baby girl, I don't have any other words (03/05/12)

friend thinking of you and miss you everyday <3 (03/06/12)

anonymous Brielle, you are an inspiration to all of us. At camp, you were everyone's idol. Someone who was athletic, pretty, caring and smart, you were an incredible role model for every one of us. When I was younger, I wanted to be just like you, and still do. We were so lucky to have you as someone to look up to. XO (03/06/12)

(Anon) tomorrow is a special day. (03/07/12)

(Anon) Happy Birthday sweetheart. Best wishes to your wonderful family. Xoxoxoo (03/08/12)


(Anon) I am watching a show about psychics now and i want to go see one to talk to you. Haha. maybe i will try it. i love u and want to talk to u so much. (08/17/11)

Aunt Candi Happy 21st Birthday baby Girl, I LOVE YOU soooo much!!! (03/08/12)

(Anon) Happy 21st! Thank you for Your gift to me of inspiration, guidance and understanding. I wish I could give you something but I want you to know you have changed my world. You are an angel. (03/08/12)

(Anon) I Love you and miss you more each day!! (03/19/12)

(Anon) Miss you today. Ill never get past this. (04/02/12)

(Anon) I am on now to make myself feel better; its so gloomy out and a look at you makes me feel better. (04/23/12)


(Anon) Love you and miss you so very much. Wish you were here. It's been too long. (05/26/12)

DADDY your photo is now in the PALM 1 RESTAURANT 2nd ave 44st ON THE WALL FOR ALL TO SEE it shines bright xoxoxo (06/14/12)

(Anon) thinking of you and your wonderful family. I wish you were here. I miss you more than words can describe. (06/17/12)

Aunt Candi Hey Babygirl, Just wanted to write something, have not been here in a while. But I know you know how much I love you and miss you without me typing it. You are and will always be my angel. Love you FOREVER XXXOOO (06/25/12)



Amanda ThinkiNg of u xixoxo In Puerto Rico love u (07/02/12)

liv love and miss you!!! <33333333333 (09/02/11)

(Anon) Hey Baby Girl, just want to say I LOVE you, but you know that. Everything else is the same, Miss you a lot (09/07/11)



Brielle Morgan Namer was born on March 8,1991. She was always in a hurry to catch up and do whatever her sister Amanda was able to do. So Brielle walked, learned to swim, talked, did practically everything at an early age so she could be like her big sister. Brielle was very fortunate, she excelled at all sports, got great grades, and was so unaware of her grace and beauty. Family was the most important thing to Brielle. When she was with her Dad she was everything he ever dreamed of and a best friend. When she was with her Mom, she was warm, sincere, loving, and her Mom's best friend and confidant. When she was with her sister, she was caring, they shared, argued, but above all they talked about everything and they had a relationship that went beyond the normal one. They were best friends and truly loved each other. Neither one was ever jealous of the other, as they both knew they had each other and the love of their parents equally. Amanda supported Brielle in all her goals, and Br ielle supported Amanda's. Family trips were always wonderful as both girls appreciated being with their parents, and that is what a true family trip is about. Brielle went to camp Starlight in the summers. She loved her time there. She made friends that were carved in her heart forever. Brielle even enjoyed school, which is weird , but it is because she loved to learn and she loved her friends, and she played on the basketball and soccer teams. Brielle's attitude was never take anything or anyone for granted. In all she did in her life she gave it 100%. She always played her best when on a field or court. She always encouraged others to do the same. Brielle was always there for anyone who ever needed her. It didn't matter if it was about sports, school, friends, she was the one person everyone knew they could depend on. People would always compliment her on her looks, and she would come home and say it was crazy. She never saw herself as a beautiful young woman, she considered hersel f as just normal. She never knew that she was so beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside. She was always worried about not being good enough. That's what always drove her to study more, practice more, and to always be loyal to people. The one thing that Brielle really hated was mean, shallow, inconsiderate people. She would never say too much, but she just didn't understand how people couldn't just be polite or kind . She always said it takes so much more energy to be mean, there's no reason for it. Loyalty was a priority to Brielle. If you say something then do it, don't be a phony. Brielle was a true, and loyal friend, respectful of her elders, a person who helped someone in need. But what made Brielle stand out above all the rest was her LOVE for her family, and her LOVE for life. When God made Brielle the mold was broken. There will never be a more loving, kind perfect person like her. I hope that she leaves an impact on others, so that they can try and carry on her legac y. This profile of Brielle would not be complete if Victor her English Springer Spaniel was not mentioned. As odd as it might sound, those who knew her well, know it's the truth. Brielle would stay home on a Friday or Saturday night, and not go out with her friends just to be with Victor. He was her best friend, he is 13 years old now, and when she wasn't around he would cry and be very sad. So many nights he would climb into her bed, she would set him up with pillows and blankets, and they would watch television together. It made his day, and now Victor goes into her room almost everyday and just sits and cries. Brielle really had no idea just how special she was and will always be to so many. I hope that if you were lucky enough to have known her, then you will try hard to live your lives as Brielle would if she had the chance. Be kind, considerate, loyal, and above all respect and treasure what you have as it is a gift.
Brielle was a gift to us all.

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