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Friday, 01 April 2011

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Brielle Morgan Namer was born on March 8,1991. She was always in a hurry to catch up and do whatever her sister Amanda was able to do. So Brielle walked, learned to swim, talked, did practically everything at an early age so she could be like her big sister. Brielle was very fortunate, she excelled at all sports, got great grades, and was so unaware of her grace and beauty. Family was the most important thing to Brielle. When she was with her Dad she was everything he ever dreamed of and a best friend. When she was with her Mom, she was warm, sincere, loving, and her Mom's best friend and confidant. When she was with her sister, she was caring, they shared, argued, but above all they talked about everything and they had a relationship that went beyond the normal one. They were best friends and truly loved each other. Neither one was ever jealous of the other, as they both knew they had each other and the love of their parents equally. Amanda supported Brielle in all her goals, and Br ielle supported Amanda's. Family trips were always wonderful as both girls appreciated being with their parents, and that is what a true family trip is about. Brielle went to camp Starlight in the summers. She loved her time there. She made friends that were carved in her heart forever. Brielle even enjoyed school, which is weird , but it is because she loved to learn and she loved her friends, and she played on the basketball and soccer teams. Brielle's attitude was never take anything or anyone for granted. In all she did in her life she gave it 100%. She always played her best when on a field or court. She always encouraged others to do the same. Brielle was always there for anyone who ever needed her. It didn't matter if it was about sports, school, friends, she was the one person everyone knew they could depend on. People would always compliment her on her looks, and she would come home and say it was crazy. She never saw herself as a beautiful young woman, she considered hersel f as just normal. She never knew that she was so beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside. She was always worried about not being good enough. That's what always drove her to study more, practice more, and to always be loyal to people. The one thing that Brielle really hated was mean, shallow, inconsiderate people. She would never say too much, but she just didn't understand how people couldn't just be polite or kind . She always said it takes so much more energy to be mean, there's no reason for it. Loyalty was a priority to Brielle. If you say something then do it, don't be a phony. Brielle was a true, and loyal friend, respectful of her elders, a person who helped someone in need. But what made Brielle stand out above all the rest was her LOVE for her family, and her LOVE for life. When God made Brielle the mold was broken. There will never be a more loving, kind perfect person like her. I hope that she leaves an impact on others, so that they can try and carry on her legac y. This profile of Brielle would not be complete if Victor her English Springer Spaniel was not mentioned. As odd as it might sound, those who knew her well, know it's the truth. Brielle would stay home on a Friday or Saturday night, and not go out with her friends just to be with Victor. He was her best friend, he is 13 years old now, and when she wasn't around he would cry and be very sad. So many nights he would climb into her bed, she would set him up with pillows and blankets, and they would watch television together. It made his day, and now Victor goes into her room almost everyday and just sits and cries. Brielle really had no idea just how special she was and will always be to so many. I hope that if you were lucky enough to have known her, then you will try hard to live your lives as Brielle would if she had the chance. Be kind, considerate, loyal, and above all respect and treasure what you have as it is a gift.
Brielle was a gift to us all.

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